"Empowering people to live a life they love"

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Our location

YBB is located at

5900 S 58th Street Ste M, Trade Center

1st left, 2nd right (halfway down)

www.yogabodyandbalance.com / 402-489-YOGA


New to Yoga?

Welcome! Yoga is for everyone—young and old, flexible and not so flexible, slim and not so slim. Truly, if you can breathe, you can do yoga! YBB offers basic level classes on a weekly basis, and many people start there. We know some of you want to try yoga but may feel too intimidated to join a regular class. We have a solution!

Body Therapies

Looking for a way to reduce stress in your life? Massage therapy and yoga complement one another beautifully in the effects each has on the body, mind, and spirit. Thomas, Yoga Body and Balance’s  highly trained bodywork therapist, can help give you what your body needs to relax, rejuvenate. and heal.