Big Toe Pose (Padangusthasana)

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People get overwhelmed by their everyday worries, anxiety, and stress; therefore, they try to find ways to get rid of all these worries and have a peaceful life. There are different yoga poses that help in releasing stress by involving the nervous system. Padangusthasana is known by many to be a simple pose that helps to relax the practitioner’s body and mind and helps open two chakras out of the total seven in the body. 

What is Padangusthasana?

Padangusthasana comes from the family of forwarding folds. This is quite a basic yoga posture that is quite popular among people and is suitable for all yoga practitioners. When the practitioner bends forward to grab the toes, the body muscles get stretched, thus rewarding, thus immensely rewarding the body and mind.

The stretching effect of this particular asana relaxes us by releasing stiffness and makes us feel at ease. When practiced slowly and according to the body’s limitation, the Big toe pose will help you reap its benefits in an enhanced manner.


Padangusthasana steps

Start by standing at Mountain pose with your arms at sides and feet together. Draw your awareness in the present moment and try to breathe deeply. Shift the weight towards the left foot and slowly draw the right knee up towards the chest.  In the next step, bring the arm inside the right thigh and loop your index and middle fingers around the right foot’s toe.

Straighten your spine and strongly engage the abdominal and left leg muscles. Straighten the left leg by not locking down your knee. Extend the right leg forward on exhalation, and straight it as much as possible. Keep both your hips squared in a forward direction and keep the spine straight. Draw the right hip slightly in line with the left one and bring awareness to the midline. Hold on between 5-20 breaths, and draw your knees back into the chest to release, and at the end, slowly lower your foot to the floor.

Benefits of Padangusthasana

  • It activates the abdominal region

With Padangusthasana, pressure can be felt on the lower and upper abdomen, whereas the torso goes forward fold when the abdominal muscles are engaged. This helps the abdominal functions work better by improving the liver’s functioning, improving digestion, and kidneys.

  • It tones the leg muscles at the calves and hamstrings

When the leg muscles are tightened at the hamstrings and the calves, it removes blood circulation by creating stronger looking muscles and a toned look.

  • It’s an excellent pose for athletes

As Padangusthasana builds strong and great looking muscles, it is an excellent advantage for those athletes who form part of their workout routine. This pose is also beneficial for the athletes after relaxing the legs and bringing a fresh blood flow.

  • It helps to reduce anxiety and stress

In this forward fold, blood circulation improves, and a deep stretch of the spine happens. This boosts and induces energy by reducing stress and different symptoms that are related to anxiety. This pose’s breathing and flow are slow and gentle to relieve stress at the head and neck. 

Bottom Line

Big toe pose or Padangusthasana is the primary yoga asana that stretches every muscle in our body from head to toe. This asana can be a perfect balance between forwarding and backward bending, and it makes use of pull and push of gravity. This asana is undoubtedly a magnificent one because, by regular practice, it relieves pain and eases tension trapped in our body. 

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