Cat Pose (Marjaryasana)

by Bob

Cat pose or Marjaryasana is basically a fusion of two stretches in order to warm up and gently stretch your spine. This pose is beneficial for your mind and body, as it is breath-synchronized. With this pose’s help, you can improve focus and power up your brain, and have mental stability and coordination. The cat pose is also beneficial for blood circulation between the vertebrae of the spine, thus relieving stress and back pain.

How to do the Cat pose

  • You can start the cat pose on your hands and knees by keeping the knees under the hips and the hands under your shoulders.
  • Around your spine, try to exhale towards the ceiling.
  • As you are coming back to your natural position, try to inhale and repeat it around 10 to 20 times.
  • Exhale as you round your back and in the same position, maintain your hands and knees. Feel this stretch in your spine and neck and release your head towards the floor.

Cat pose benefits

This pose looks relatively easy, but you always have to remember that your alignment and breath are what can help you gain maximum by regular practice. The following are the benefits that are derived by practicing Marjaryasana.

  • Increases flexibility

Marjaryasana or the cat pose can no doubt be one of the best poses to start the yoga journey. Your muscles’ flexibility is improved with this pose, which enables you to advance to more complex pose types. Your body will be gently warmed up for the session with a cat pose.

  • Relieves menstrual pain

The menstrual cramps and pains are relieved by the breath-synchronizing Marjaryasana. As this pose tones the reproductive organs in women, therefore, it is also a part of prenatal yoga. However, it is better to avoid forceful abdominal contractions in case of an emergency while doing the cat pose.

  • Strengthens the spine

It is excellent to strengthen your spine because your tailbone is activated, and it releases the tension of your upper back and neck. With the help of this pose, the blood flow in your spine will also be improved.

  • Stretches the hips and back

Not only is your back stretched with the cat movements, but also your lungs, hips, chest, and abdomen get stretched. This relieves tensions in all these areas of your body and is also helpful to improve flexibility.

  • Massages and stimulates the belly organs

One of the significant cat pose benefits is that your abdominal organs like kidneys and adrenal glands are massaged when you practice this particular yoga. This helps to stimulate these organs and provides strength to them.

Bottom Line

Marjaryasana is among the most commonly recognized of the yoga poses. In this pose, the shape of the body resembles the stretching, arching cat. Usually, this particular pose is done as a partner to the Cow pose, and the only difference is that this pose has the back high while the Cow pose has the back low.

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