Child’s Pose (Balasana)

by Bob

It cannot be easy to live in this hustled world, because nowadays, stress has become part of our lives, whereas restfulness and peace are far apart. Therefore, deep relaxation becomes our dire need, so to put you at ease, yoga is ideal, while Balasana or the Child’s pose is considered one of the best yoga poses.

Balasana is a pose where our body assumes having a fetal position and aiming to surrender any stress or agony into the earth. This particular pose is liable to solace and complete rejuvenation to the mind, body, emotions, and soul.

How to do Child’s pose?

  • Start by sitting on your heels and knees, and spread the mat distance apart while bringing the head towards the floor.
  • You can either stretch your arms out to the front, by the side, or hands underneath the forehead.
  • Breathe into the lower back and stay in the resting pose for around 30 seconds and several minutes.
  • Exhale and roll up the vertebra to come out, or with a straight spine, you can also come back to sitting.

Benefits of Balasana or Child’s pose

Along with offering rest, there are several benefits of Balasana.

  • It calms the mind

You can breathe in the right way with the help of Balasana while keeping your mind and body calm. During this pose, your forehead can be rested on the floor, which provides an instant soothing effect on your brain. Therefore, this pose is perfect for the nervous system.

  • It strengthens the lower back

The Child’s pose is very beneficial for those who spend a big part of their day sitting or standing in a stable position or lifting heavy objects. Balasana strengthens the back by stretching; this treats slip disc, relieves pain, and eases any discomfort.

  • It improves digestion

Your abdomen can rest on the thighs with Balasana, which offers you a gentle massage to your digestive tract. The digestive system can prevent acidity, constipation, gas-related problems, stomach aches, and improve metabolism in excellent condition.

  • It enhances blood circulation

By practicing the Child’s pose regularly, your blood flow in the entire body can improve, and this also helps to enhance the nutrient supply to keep the functioning of your organs the right way. When blood circulation is improved, it improves oxygen supply, lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and reduces stress.

  • It relieves anxiety, stress, and fatigue

Balasana is known to be a natural therapy for anxiety, stress, and fatigue. With this yoga pose, you can release all your tension and revitalize your soul. When this pose is practiced regularly, this pose therapeutically relieves any problems and takes you to a relaxation state.


Child’s pose is a straightforward way to slow your breath, calm your mind, and restore a feeling of safety and peace inside you. When you practice this pose before bedtime, you can release all the worries of your day. When you practice it in the morning, you can help transition from sleeping to waking. When you regularly integrate Child’s pose in your practice, you create serenity and overall well-being on and off the mat.

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