Corpse Pose (Savasana)

by Bob

In any yoga class, the final pose is deep restoration, the Corpse pose or Savasana, and sometimes also called the Relaxation pose. With the help of this resting pose, your yoga practice is taken to a place where you can let go completely. Though it might look like an easy pose for many people, there is no doubt that Savasana is tough to learn and needs good practice. This pose requires a conscious decision to release your mental chatter and completely surrender yourself to the present state.

How to practice Corpse pose?

  • You can start by straightening your arms at the sides and can lie on your back. By keeping your hands about six inches away from your body, rest on them with the palms up.
  • Close your eyes and let the feet drop open, and you might like to cover your body with the blanket.
  • Make your body feel heavy on the ground. Consciously release each part of your body, organ, and cell by working from the soles of the feet to your head crown.
  • By relaxing your face, let your eyes drop deep into the sockets. Try to bring silence and peace into your body, mind, and soul, and stay in this mode for five minutes every 30 minutes.

Benefits of Corpse Pose

The corpse pose is mostly used to end the practice to allow your mind, body, and spirit to relax fully and release any stress, though sometimes it is also used to begin the practice. With Savasana, you can let the lingering worries and thoughts fade away while you can be refreshed, rejuvenated, and reborn. The following are the benefits of Savasana.

  • Take a break

One of the Savasana benefits is that it is like a mini-vacation from thought and movement. Savasana is only about emptying your mind and detaching yourself from all the thoughts for a few minutes. You can allow your mind to be full and try not to attach to a single thought.

  • Help prevent injury

By practicing the corpse pose, you can intensify the ability to listen to what your body says. Such attention can be helpful to prevent injuries before happening. When you are physically in tune with yourself, you will know how to modify and push harder before suggested. You can also differentiate between physical and emotional practice.

  • Adrenal support

When you transition slowly from the workout type movements into your daily movements, this can help separate yourself from the adrenaline rush. This way, you can pay more mindful attention to the actions right after the class.

  • Calm your mind

After a workout, soften completely makes you settle down and reset your nervous system. It can drench your body into the endorphins you have created so that you can feel perfect for a longer time.

  • Balance your systems

When your nervous system is calmed, you quell stress, anxiety, and insomnia, and all the other issues related to your nervous system. With this pose, you can also balance your digestive system and the stress coping mechanisms by relinquishing your flight mode.


The Corpse pose or Savasana is a straightforward pose that can be found in the entire yoga repertoire. With this yoga pose, you simply lie back, and this is the wealth of power. Though for most of the poses, the teachers love to use Western names, they can easily take the name Savasana for this pose. 

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