Cow Pose (Bitilasana)

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Bitilasana is the name that is derived from the Sanskrit word Batila, meaning cow. Therefore, it is also known as Cow pose because the stance of this particular posture tends to resemble the body position of a cow. When practicing this asana, you have to keep in mind that it is always practiced in combination with the Cat pose.

How to do Bitilasana?

  • This asana can be started by on the fours in a tabletop position. Try to make sure that the knees are placed right under your hips, and you have to keep your wrists in the same line as the shoulders.
  • Try to gaze softly at the floor by hanging your head in a neutral position.
  • Lift the buttocks upwards to the ceiling while you are inhaling and then open your chests. You have to let the abdomen sink towards the ground and lift the head by looking forward or facing the roof.
  • For a few seconds, hold the pose and then breathe out and return to the tabletop position.
  • This particular asana is a combination of two movements. By dropping the chin on the chest, you can arch your back and relax the buttocks. This is called the Bitilasana.
  • You have to repeat the Cow pose by moving and counter, moving five to six times before stopping.

Bitilasana benefits

Several Bitilisana benefits are as follows.

  • Offers flexibility

With Bitilasana, the muscles of your spine, hips, and neck bottom are stretched. With its help, your core muscles are also engaged actively, and this enhances your stamina and strength. Cow pose also stimulates the muscles of your arms and wrists and makes them strong and flexible.

  • Strengthens your spine

The Cow pose is a spinal movement pose. When your neck muscles are stretched, your spine is also elongated to the crown. Your spine gets more robust as your blood flow is improved. The Cow pose can also be practiced in pregnancy because the function of relieving the spine is beneficial. It can be practiced by pregnant women in all stages of their pregnancy.

  • Improved metabolism

With Bitilasana, your internal organs get stimulated, whereas it also improves your metabolism, thus maintaining hormone secretion. This is one of the most significant Bitilasana benefits because, in the long run, your body gets a lot of relief.

  • Better digestion

When this pose is held, your abdominal muscles are stimulated. By doing this yoga pose, these muscles are massaged gently, and your digestive organs are also activated when they receive enhanced blood flow. Therefore, it helps improve your digestion.

  • Relieves any mental disturbances

When the spine is strengthened, the brain is also able to receive an increased amount of oxygen. This clears any mental blocks and thus soothes the nervous system. Therefore, it reduces tension, stress, and you can have a sound sleep.

Bottom Line

Bitilasana or Cow pose is a floor pose, and usually, this pose is paired with the Cat pose. Both these poses are the mirrors of each other. Also, one should not confuse the Cow pose with the Cow Face pose because the arms and legs are twisted altogether in the Cow Face Pose. In the Cow pose, you are simply on the knees and hands, whereas your dangling abdomen represents a cow’s udder.


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