Dolphin Plank Pose

by Bob

The Dolphin plank pose is also known as Makara Adho Mukha, and it is a variant of the Dolphin and the Plank pose. As we know that the Plank pose is a traditional push-up position with a straight body and being on your hands and feet. In order to hold this particular position steady, a lot of endurance and strength are required. When you add the Dolphin aspect to the Plank pose, and instead of wrists, you can be on your forearms, and this will help you with the wrist related issues.

How to do Dolphin Plank pose

  • The Dolphin Plank can be started by slowly shifting the weight of your body towards the front. You must also make sure that your shoulders are aligned with your wrists.
  • You can slowly lower your arms till the arms touch the floor and press the palms to the floor.
  • Position the heels above the toes directly by keeping your legs straight.
  • By keeping the back and knees straight, you can fix your gaze on the floor.
  • If it is possible for you, your palms should face each other.
  • Slowly try to pull the abdominal muscles while you are inhaling and try to relax them during exhale.
  • For a few breaths, stay in this particular posture before you return to the Adho Mukha Svanasana pose.

Benefits of Dolphin Plank pose

For those people who aspire for a robust set of arms, the Dolphin Plank pose is one of the most popular yoga poses for them. This pose has proved to be a trusted exercise as it is a crucial Sun Salutation element while building the core and can bring calmness to your mind. The following are the benefits of Dolphin Plank.

  • Tones your abdomen

Nowadays, everyone is looking for six-packs and a flat belly, and the Dolphin Plank pose is the best to get a toned abdomen. With this, not only your belly muscles can gain firmness, but your digestive system can also get more efficient.

  • Bolsters the arms

The most significant impact of the Dolphin Plank pose is that your arms get a lot of strength. This particular pose takes a toll on the arms muscles and makes it very strong. Therefore, for the Javelin throwers and the Discus throwers, this pose is trendy.

  • Improves body posture

One of the pleasing aspects of the Dolphin Plank Pose is your body’s postural development that can be done by a determination to keep your body straight during the pose. Therefore, this pose makes your body prone to any disease or injuries like hip joint pain and spinal issues.

  • Increases the blood circulation

Your body energy is defined in a whole new way with this pose. It needs a fair amount of energy to carry the weight of your body on your arms and toes. Your body cells are purified and nurtured entirely when your blood comes into motion.

  • Strengthens your thigh muscles

To boost the strength of your thighs and legs, Dolphin Plank is considered an excellent exercise. It can prevent your knees from getting bent and can put substantial strain on your leg, especially your thigh muscles. Therefore, the balance of your body is also is improved with the help of this pose.

Bottom Line

Dolphin plank pose can strengthen your core and shoulders quickly. By practicing this pose several times, you can tone your muscles and regain your focus. People tend to build their focus, stamina, and endurance and get different variety; they change up the regular Sun Salutations by practicing the Dolphin plank. One can have fun with the dolphin variations by thinking of the friendly bottle-nosed creatures.

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