Dolphin Pose

by Bob

Dolphin pose is considered an intermediate yoga pose, and it is beneficial for those who are working towards a headstand practice. The Dolphin pose Sanskrit name is Ardha Pincha Mayurasana. This particular pose helps tone your upper body while improving your hip’s agility and increasing the flexibility of the hamstring.

Dolphin pose Instructions

  • The Dolphin pose starts with bringing the elbows to the floors under the shoulders directly. You have to try cupping the elbows with opposite hands to make sure that it is appropriately aligned.
  • By keeping the elbows in place, you have the option to clasp the hands in front of you, while you can also bring the forearms with the palms faced down parallel to each other.
  • Engage your core by curling the toes under and lift your hips up and back.
  • You have to keep the shoulder blades away from the ears and get glued to your back by opening up your heart and shine it between your legs.
  • Stay in this position for five deep breaths and then slowly lower down to your knees to get out of the pose.

Benefits of Dolphin pose

With the help of the Dolphin pose, your arms, shoulders, upper back, and lengths are strengthened. You also get the flexibility to your hamstring, spine, calves, and arches. In addition to that, the following are the benefits of this pose.

  • Your shoulder Girdle is strengthened

One of the precarious body structures in your body is the shoulder girdle. Your shoulder joint is made up of your shoulder blades and all the bones, whereas the bones in your arms and hands are connected to the skeleton at the collar bone’s junction. With this yoga, you have stronger muscles in your chest and upper back and your upper body will become more stable.

  • Your forearm stand is improved

If you are trying to learn forearm stand, then the Dolphin pose is undoubtedly excellent for you. It helps develop the stability that you need in your shoulders and chest while avoiding the sagging into the forearm stand’s shoulders. Your strength will be increased with this practice, and you can balance in this posture for longer.

  • Your headstand is improved

This pose is a great help if you are trying to learn to headstand, just like the Forearm stand. With the Dolphin pose, you will develop strength in and awareness of your shoulder and back muscles because the same muscles need to be engaged in the headstand’s playful manner.

  • It is an abdominal exercise without planks or crunches

With the Planks and Crunch-like movements, you can develop your core strength, while the Dolphin pose can also do the same for you. By moving forward and back in this posture, you can engage all the muscles in your core, both deep and superficial. This way, you can increase your posture, strength and even develop your six-pack.

  • It builds confidence

This is a half inversion posture, so the confidence and strength it takes to bring the face forward towards your hands help get your enthusiasm and hold yourself upside down in other inversions. With this great pose, you will also be learning to trust the center of your balance.

Bottom Line

By practicing the Dolphin pose, you can stretch, warm, and strengthen your entire body in a significant way. The Dolphin pose yoga can also be an excellent modification for those people who have wrist troubles. It also adds fun and variety to your practice while challenging your mind and your muscles. When you can vary your preparation with the help of the Dolphin pose, you will discover the freedom and joy in your movement.

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