Eagle Pose (Garudasana)

by Bob

Eagle pose or Garudasana looks quite like a stereotypical idea of a twisted up and crazy yoga pose, but it is not so difficult when you break it down. This pose is a balance challenge, as your limbs are drawn onto the body, and bent knees mean that the center of gravity is low. As compared to the other poses where you tend to stand on one leg, the Eagle pose is less precarious. This pose also works on glutes and inner thighs that are difficult to access, and in addition to that, this pose is a great shoulder stretch.

How to do Eagle pose

  • The eagle pose looks tricky to some people, and it can be started by standing in the Mountain pose.
  • You can cross the right leg over the bent leg, which can be done the same way you cross your legs while sitting in a chair.
  • By tucking your right ankle behind the left calf, cross your legs again.
  • You have to bend the knees generously and try to reach the arms straight out in front.
  • By crossing your left elbow over the right, bend the elbows so that the fingers reach upwards.
  • The next step is to intertwine the hands, so your palms touch.
  • You can lift the spine long and rise through the head crown while still maintaining a bend in your knees.
  • Keep the elbows in line with your shoulders by lifting the hands.
  • Relax your shoulders down the back and steady your gaze in one particular spot on the front.

Eagle pose benefits

You can gain balance and strength, and there is no doubt that Garudasana benefits are multiple. However, it could take some time for you to balance and fully wrap your hands or legs. The following are the Eagle pose benefits.

  • The immune system gets stimulated

When you twist your arms and legs with the help of this pose, you get a constricted blood flow, and the pressure you experience is quite similar to a massage. With the massage effect, fresh blood is released in the body, and it is also key to stimulating. Therefore, good circulation is essential for boosting the levels of immunity.

  • Fosters balance

It can be hard to find a balance between yoga and life. The Eagle pose is helpful to master physical, spiritual, and mental coordination. When you are standing in a steady position in this pose, you tend to balance your body’s sides by practicing both your legs equally.

  • Stretches your shoulders and wrists

One of the significant Garudasana benefits is that your flexible wrists and shoulders are assured by practicing regularly. As your arms and hands are lifted towards the ceiling, your shoulders and wrists can get the required stretch that helps loosen the tensions and knots in these particular areas.

  • Strengthens your ankles

The practitioners of this asana can reap its benefits by paying attention to their alignment. When you balance yourself on one leg and fold your other leg over it, your hamstring, ankles, and hips get strengthened.

Bottom Line

When you practice Garudasana, your shoulders and back are opened, and your legs get strengthened. A grace and calm determination are built when you hold this pose while focusing on your breath and gaze. You have to align yourself properly and then use it to hold this pose for more extended periods. The Eagle pose is excellent to fight against imbalance and stiffness.

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