Easy Pose (Sukhasana)

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Easy Pose (Sukhasana)

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Sukhasana or Easy pose is a posture that we can find in almost any yoga practice at one point or another. Sometimes this pose is also known as the Decent or Pleasant pose. It is among the easy partner yoga poses and is a beautiful alternative to the full lotus pose. It can undoubtedly be a great place to rest for the intention setting, breathing exercises, and meditation.

Easy pose instructions

  • You can begin by sitting on the mat with your bones sitting on the front edge of a folded blank or a firm cushion.
  • Keeping parallel to the mat, cross your shins, and bring your feet more or less beneath your opposite knee.
  • To find the spine’s length, press the sitting bones down, and then firm your shoulder blade in.
  • With your palms up or down, place your hands on the lap or knees.
  • Whenever you come into the pose, always try to switch the cross of your legs.
Easy Pose (Sukhasana)
Easy Pose (Sukhasana)

Sukhasana benefits

There are plenty of Sukhasana benefits, but it depends on what you pair it with. Keep in mind that the Easy pose has several services all of its own. 

  • You find tranquility and stillness

Using this pose, you can eliminate anxiety as a claimant during each of your practice or only when you start to feel that life is getting complicated. You can add in a breathing technique or repeat this mantra according to your situation, and you will be having a fabulous meditation practice going on.

  • The external aspects of your knees are stretched

This particular crisscross seat encourages having open knees. It can indeed be a tightness area for many people, mainly when they drive a fair amount and happen to sit at a disk for more extended periods every day.

  • The ankles are opened

The easy pose indeed opens your ankles, but the process is still a bit slow. You have to sit on a cushion or block to take the stress out of your ankles when opening. Over time, you will start to feel that your ankles are opening, allowing you to sit more deeply.

  • Hips are unlocked

You have to sit in this posture daily for a few minutes if you want to open the hips. It would help if you stretched your feet over halfway to even out your stretch capacity. If you think your hips are tight, you need to place the blocks under each knee and lessen the blocks’ height in a gradual way to allow gravity to drop the hips open.

  • Your back muscles and spines are lengthened

When you sit up tall and spread your collar bones, you will be having a better posture in general. To press the spine open, you have to anchor the seat and broaden your lower back muscles. If you have a back or knee injury, you will feel that your strain will be removed by sitting over a folded blanket.


Sukhasana is quite a basic and straightforward pose that can be done anytime. Those who are seeking peace should bring themselves to the ground quickly and sit quietly. With the easy pose, people start to feel very calm when they slow their breath. When you integrate the easy pose into your regular practice and daily life, you will begin to notice and ease and serenity through almost all areas of your life.


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