Fire Log Pose (Agnistambhasana)

by Bob
Fire Log Pose

Our hips are the mother of all movements and the foundation of the body. We get stability, strength, and support to the spine and organs with the hips’ help. There are times when our hips become the site of issues because of changes in directions and varying motions. Agnistambhasana or the Fire log pose is great hip-opening yoga. This yoga can create intense heat in and around the pelvic region and groin. 

How to do Fire Log pose?

  • With the right shin in front of the left, you have to sit cross-legged. The next step is to shift the shins forward so that they are parallel with the mat.
  • By flexing the feet, you have to scotch the soles of your feet closer to the mat edges so that the right ankle is placed under the left knee while the left ankle under the right knee.
  • To help lift your right shin on the left shin, use the hands and then your right ankle on the top of the left knee.
  • You have to sit up tall to hinge forward at your hips. Walk your hands on the ground in front of you if you are folding forward.
  • You can return to the neutral seat by holding up for at least one minute. In the end, repeat the same on the other side.
Fire Log Pose
Fire Log Pose

Fire log pose benefits

Fire log pose is a highly beneficial posture for your groins and hips. It is crucial that you carefully understand its instructions. The following are the Fire log pose benefits.

  • Increases flexibility

When you sit for a prolonged period, especially with crossed legs, this can result in your groin and tendons’ tightness. You can be uncomfortable and have painful injuries if you have stiffness in the groin. By practicing the Fire log pose, you can have strong, healthy, and stabilized tendons, groin, and muscles.

  • Stretches the groins

With the groin injury, you can be off the feet and field for months. Therefore, you must stretch and strengthen your groin area. Agnistambhasana effectively lengthens your hip area and groin and prevents any problems that are associated with it.

  • Stimulates abdominal organs

The human abdomen has all the vital organs needed for the smooth functioning of the body. With the Fire log pose, you can actively stimulate your liver, spleen, and digestive system. In this way, you can control the metabolic and digestive processes and help your body work at its best.

  • Opens the hips

Your hips are the main connection point of your legs and spine. With the Agnistambhasana, you can open the hips effectively, have greater mobility, and a much better relationship with your body.

  • Strengthens the legs

By regularly performing the Fire log pose, you can make your legs strong and robust. When you have healthy legs, you can lead an active and vibrant life and prevent disability, injury, and mobility-related issues. This pose can decrease the risk of developing chronic venous disease and peripheral arterial disease.


Agnistambhasana offers a deep release to the hips, making you feel good and a little intense. You have to make sure that you can keep correct alignment throughout this posture and try to ease up in case you are feeling any pain, especially in the back of the knees. When the Fire log pose is held in the right form using the suitable modifications and props, you will be getting many benefits from this pose.

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