Firefly Pose (Tittibhasana)

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Firefly Pose

Tittibhasana or Firefly pose a fundamental asana in yoga that has several health benefits. The name Tittibhasana comes from the combination of two Sanskrit words. It is pronounced as the Firefly pose because this asana resembles a flying firefly when practiced. This posture offers many health benefits that include the improved digestive system, strengthening the back and abdominal muscles, reduced belly fat, and relief from stress and anxiety.

Firefly pose instructions

  • The Firefly pose starts in the Garland pose, and from here, you place your hands on the floor, away from the hips. Then lift your hips and adjust your body coming to the toes.
  • By bringing the arms below the thighs, you have to place the palms off the floor outside the feet one thigh at a time. Now your thighs must be resting on the elbows while you continue balancing the toes.
  • By pushing the elbows below the thighs, you have to inhale, and then exhale by pressing the palms on the floor.
  • Inhale by resting the thighs on elbows, and release your feet off the floor by stretching the legs sideways in a slow manner. Extend your hamstrings and balance the hips by pulling the shoulders and arms.
  • Keep your back straight and lift the hips upwards once you are comfortable. To remain in balance, you need to use the core and pelvic floor muscles. Stay in this position for four breaths, and bring your hips down, sit back to relax.
  • To ensure that your body feels better in the second round, you have to repeat it another time and finally relax in the Staff pose.
Firefly Pose
Firefly Pose

Tittibhasana benefits

  • Strengthens the back and abdominal muscles

One of the great Tittibhasana benefits is that it helps you keep the back and abdominal muscles healthy and strong because when you do it, your spine moves downward. This is very helpful to squeeze your abdominal muscles and reduce the hunch.

  • Strengthens shoulders, forearms, and wrists

By practicing the Firearm pose regularly, you can stretch your forearms, wrists, and shoulder muscles. Thus, blood flow increases in the area, and the muscles will be getting more nutrition and the amount of oxygen. This helps strengthen them, and by regular practice, you can prevent any injuries during the exercise and other works.

  • Improves digestive health

Your digestive health can be improved by practicing Tittibhasana, and you can also prevent several digestion-related issues. When you do this pose, a lot of pressure is created on the stomach and the inner intestine, and because of this, the body produces a stress hormone that helps promote the digestive system function.

  • Relieves stress and anxiety

Our blood circulation increases when we practice this posture, which improves blood flow to the brain. This means that the brain can get enough nutrition and oxygenated blood, thus helping to reduce anxiety, stress, and headaches.

  • Reduces belly fat

Firefly pose is also beneficial for the abdominal muscles, thus reducing the belly fat. When you do this asana, the abdominal muscles get pressurized, and because of this, the extra fat from the belly is diminished.

Bottom Line

Firefly pose is an advanced arm balance and relies on having excellent flexibility and core strength in the hamstrings and the hip flexors. Tittibhasana also relies on strong arms and shoulders. For those intermediate or advanced students who have learned other types of arm balances, this pose is much more comfortable in comparison than it looks.

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