Gate Pose (Parighasana)

by Bob
Gate Pose

Parighasana or Gate pose is quite a unique pose as it offers a deep lateral stretching and bending opportunity, which is seen quite rarely in our everyday lives. There is no doubt that the sensation may feel intense in the start, but you have to think of the Gate pose as your gateway to your side body expansiveness. This opens a doorway to three-dimensional breathing, a more in-depth and fuller sense of breath.

Gate pose steps

  • Start by kneeling on the mat, keeping the tops of your feet down and separating your knees at hip-distance. Stand on your knees by stacking the hips directly over the knees, and then extend the right leg out to the right.
  • You have to find an external rotation of the right leg, thus taking the right foot heel down the floor. Remember to knee and toes of the right foot pointing upwards towards the ceiling.
  • By keeping the left hip stacked over the left knee, you can slight the right palm down your right leg. When you inhale, you have to extend your left arm up and over to your right. Your bicep should be in line with the ear, and the palm of the left hand should face down towards the floor.
  • By spinning your chest down towards the ceiling, you can direct your breath into the left side of your body, opening up through the spaces between your ribs.
  • Hold in this position for five minutes by sending the gaze up. To come out of the pose, you have to inhale back to the center and then repeat it on the other side.
Gate Pose
Gate Pose

Parighasana benefits

Parighasana or the Gate pose helps to stretch and engage various muscles of the body. The many benefits of this yoga posture are as follows.

  • Flexibility and range of motion

This pose is a hip opener because it helps with the lateral extension of the hip flexor. Parighasana helps release the lower back stiffness that increases the range of motion of our spinal muscles.

  • Alignment and posture

Alignment plays a vital role if you want to get the best form of Gate pose. One needs to rest the balls of the feet on the wall, which helps engage the deeper muscles of the pelvis. The hips open even further with this type of adjustment.

  • Stimulations and organs

The internal organs are stimulated by the lateral bends, by stretching and contracting your deeper muscles. When we go into the lateral stretch, one side of the abdomen gets compressed and reduces blood circulation. The extended side organs receive space, and this is helpful to stimulate the stagnancy of the organs.

  • Therapy and healing

The immunity of the body is increased in several ways with the Gate pose. When the chest can expand more than before, this increases the functioning of the respiratory system. This pose is beneficial to improve digestion, and to some extent, it also addresses back pain.


You can bring flexibility and awareness to the sides of the body that are often-neglected by practicing the Gate pose. It can indeed become a building block for better breathing habits, and deeper side stretches. You can improve your grace, posture, and range of motion in everyday life by adding Parighasana to your life.

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