Half Frog Pose (Ardha Bhekasana)

by Bob

Ardha Bhekasana or the Half frog pose is quite different from the ordinary backbend, as this pose helps open up your shoulders, chest, and thighs simultaneously. It is worth noting that the Half frog pose is relatively different from the initial Frog pose or Bhekasana because it requires you to bend one leg instead of two. 

Half frog pose steps

  • Start by lying on the belly, press the forearms against the floor, and then lift up your head and the upper body.
  • Bring your heel close to the right buttock in order to touch it by bending the right knee. Support your complete body on the left forearm and reach inside your foot with the right hand. Press the top of your foot with the palm base.
  • If your body allows, press your foot towards the buttock and then towards the floor. Try to make sure that your hip and knee are in line with each other.
  • The Half frog pose should be held for a minimum of 30 seconds or five deep breaths. You can repeat the same with the other side, and end your practice by relaxing in the Downward facing dog pose and also the Legs up the Wall pose.
Half Frog Pose
Half Frog Pose

Ardha Bhekasana benefits

With the help of bolsters, you can form part of the restorative yoga sequence, and when you use the same, you encourage your mind and body to stay calm as the posture is held. The following are some of the Ardha Bhekasana benefits.

  • Chest and heart

Your heart is calmed by conscious breathing when the chest is opened softly with the Half frog pose. Therefore, it can be easy for you to breathe with this support.

  • Ribs and belly

For an improved and better prana flow, Ardha Bhekasana supports the ribs and the belly. When the front part of your body gets support, it relaxes your middle back, reducing any stiff muscles that can cause discomfort and pain.

  • Muscles and spine

Your deep breathing is encouraged when the front body gets support from the elevated heart. Your muscles around the spine also get stretched, thus relieving them from stiffness and pain, and so the spine is kept healthy by subsequently supporting it.

  • Therapy and relaxation

When you practice Half frog pose, it can become a therapeutic way for you to heal and relax any symptoms related to different ailments like asthma, blood pressure, breast cancer trauma, and digestive related issues. When lying on the belly, a raised heart can support the better functioning of the nervous system.


Ardha Bhekasana can stretch your entire body right from the throat and down to your ankles. There are many Ardha Bhekasana benefits when this pose is practiced, as it helps enhance your flexibility and improve your digestion. Though this pose is excellent for the starters, it needs time to master the Half frog pose. By consistent practice, you can perform this pose quickly and reap the benefits that come with it.

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