Everything About Kundalini Yoga

by Kate

We can see many things around us that cannot retain their full potency when blended. Nowadays, a favorite among different celebrities, Kundalini Yoga, has grown to popularity as these ancient yoga practices focus on your poses and breathe along with meditation, chanting, and singing.

Considered to be an uplifting blend of physical and spiritual practices, Kundalini incorporates dynamic techniques as the main goal is to increase consciousness and build your physical vitality. It provides a modality by which people can achieve the maximum creative potential and realize the purpose of their lives.

What is Kundalini Yoga?


Introduced in the late 70s by Yogi Bhajan, a combination of movement, breath, and sound make Kundalini Yoga. It is derived from ‘Kundal,’ a Sanskrit word, and the idea is to have all the energy gathered to the base of the spine, and by practicing Kundalini, this energy is brought up the spine through seven chakras and then out of the head crown.

Kundalini’s primary goal is to increase our self-awareness by blocking our chakras and silencing our minds so that this vital energy can flow freely. Kundalini practice is filled with some challenging breath exercises coupled with Kundalini poses and meditation.

How to practice Kundalini yoga

An average Kundalini class is split into three parts, i.e., an opening chant followed by a warm-up of the spine, a sequence of different postures paired with the breathing techniques known as a ‘Kriya’ and a closing song or meditation. Every Kriya has a physical pose with meditation or breath.

You can choose from the poses that can be anything because it is based on your body’s part that you would like to focus on. Though there are different breathing techniques, while ‘Breath of Fire’ is considered the most popular one, it consists of quick and short breaths. Singing and chanting are also the major components of Kundalini, and these songs and mantras can be recited during the practice.

Benefits of Kundalini

There are many reasons people practice Kundalini, and the main reason is its effect on both our psychological and physical well-being. The following are some of the widespread benefits of Kundalini.

  • As each Kundalini posture is held for an extended period; therefore, Kundalini yoga is considered a great way to tone and strengthen our muscles.
  • In this practice, you get high after a sweaty yoga, which increases the production of serotonin in our brain, which is a happy hormone.
  • Different studies have shown that Kundalini yoga’s deep breathing techniques decrease the risk of hypertension, while slow breathing can reduce stress and lower our blood pressure.
  • Kundalini yoga can impact cognitive functioning, thus boosting our memory and concentration.

Bottom Line

Unless you have any pre-existing medical condition, anyone can practice Kundalini, as this particular yoga style is good for the ones who look for spiritual practice and a physical workout. Though Kundalini yoga is an intense practice, both its mental and physical benefits can make it an excellent option for the yogis, whether beginners or advanced ones.

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