What Is Bikram Yoga?

by Kate

Stress & anxiety have become part of our lives and can be anywhere. If you think that it’s getting all a bit too much, then you should try to hit the mat. Exercise can reduce cholesterol levels, but when you practice yoga, it brings together both your physical and mental disciplines to promote your overall fitness and well-being for managing anxiety and stress. In recent years, Bikram yoga has become quite a regular exercise that offers the same benefits of traditional yoga and gives your lungs, hearts, and muscles a more excellent and more intense workout. 

What is Bikram yoga?

Bikram yoga is a traditional yoga variant that orders a series of breathing exercises and yoga postures structured by Bikram Choudhury. Bikram yoga poses encompass the benefits of different yoga types by getting a healthy body through regular practice and the scope of personal happiness and inner peace.

There are 26 Bikram yoga poses, and a session is 90 minutes at 41° and 40 percent humidity. Postures and breathing exercises are suitable for all skill levels and ages. Bikram yoga is also called hot yoga because of the heat required to perform at a little high temperature.


What can you expect from a Bikram yoga class?

When you decide to take a plunge and give a hot session a go, you can expect a hot room that gives a great feeling to step into, but it is not easy to stay for 90 minutes. For beginners, arriving 30 minutes earlier can give one a chance to settle down, get dressed, and also acclimate to the heat.

  • You get ready to sweat

It is inevitable to sweat through your clothes, so this is the time for you to accept. It is better to choose lightweight clothing in which you can bear the heat. Moisture-wicking shorts can be comfortable and stretchy.

  • You consume food and water

Many people wonder how much water is required to chug down before a hot yoga session. You don’t need to drink much water if you are showing well-hydrated in a session. Usually, two water liters are recommended as too much water can leave your stomach and leave you queasy. You should also avoid eating at least two hours before a class, as it can make you feel quite uncomfortable if you are too full.

  • You take breaks

You can take breaks when you require, especially when starting. You do incredibly well if you can stay for 90 minutes in the room. When many people are in a hot and humid room, you can expect a smell that you might get used to as your Bikram yoga classes go on.

Bottom Line

Your Bikram hot yoga class can be a physical and mental challenge, and therefore, it is expected that people don’t do it immediately. When you push your lung capacity, range of motion, and balance, past what you usually do, you might feel tired and invigorated with clarity and clear mental focus that can last for quite a long time and have positive effects.

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