What Is Power Yoga?

by Kate
power yoga

Those people who are new to yoga can get quite confused with so many names. Some many names and variations are used across the yoga industry, but all these variations and styles are based on the same fundamentals and common positions. Power yoga is among the popular yoga styles that are practiced and are considered to be quite a contemporary movement style. Still, the Power yoga poses are also based on traditional yoga styles.

What is Power yoga?

Power yoga is known to be a Vinyasa practice that is fitness-based. It is an offshoot of Ashtanga yoga and has almost the same benefits and qualities that include increased stamina, internal heat, strength, stress reduction, and stability. 

Beryl Bender Birch was the founder and developer of Power yoga, but now the term has become quite vast and describes several vigorous Vinyasa styles. The Power yoga teachers can design their sequences, while the students can synchronize their breath with the movement. 


Practicing Power yoga

Typically Power yoga focuses on the specific parts of the body or a group of poses responsible for building up progressively, from the basic Power yoga poses to the advanced ones. Among the effects of Power yoga on the body is that it is the dynamic nature of practices where the muscles can warm up quickly. It also increases the heart rate and oxygen intake.

Its poses create muscle tones that help develop strength and stability in the body. While contracted, when your muscles are stretched, it makes the muscles longer and increases flexibility. Because of the dynamic nature of Power yoga, your attention moves away from the thoughts that occupy your head. Therefore, your mind can settle in a state comparable to meditation.

Benefits of Power yoga

In addition to being an excellent yoga workout, Power yoga has many positives for mental health. The following can be a few of those unique benefits.

  • It reduces stress and keeps you happy

Though Power yoga practices focus less on meditation and mindfulness, these can reduce your stress and tension. Therefore, Power yoga improves your general sense of happiness. It is physically more hardcore and shares the advantages of stress-reduction, full-body workouts that include running and spinning.

  • It helps to release energy and tension

With the increase in intensity and speed, a Power yoga workout releases the energy to build up in your mind and body. This way, Power yoga helps release anxiety and depression, and energy release is a part of it.

  • It boosts your mental awareness

You not to stay focused on each pose of Power yoga to keep up with the yoga workouts successfully. Power yoga is much more upbeat and fun than the slower counterparts, but it doesn’t mean that you can stay less focused.

  • It helps to develop balance

When you hold your body for yoga poses for some time, you can develop a better sense of physical balance. The balance that you tend to learn in a Power yoga workout can also expand your mind. With this balance’s help, you can easily stay in control if you are facing stressful situations.

Bottom Line

Power yoga is quite an active and athletic yoga practice. It was adapted from the traditional Ashtanga system of yoga to get the attention of those interested in fitness and aerobics. Like other yoga, it incorporates a series of poses that are helpful to improve strength, concentration, flexibility, and mindfulness.

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