What Is Yoga?

by Kate

Yoga is a mind, and body practice has an ancient history in Indian philosophy. There are different styles of yoga that combine breathing techniques, physical postures, and also meditation. It has just recently become more popular as a type of physical exercise based on poses in order to promote improved control of mind and body while enhancing well-being.

Yoga has several different types and many disciplines within the practice. Various people ask why yoga is good, and the answer is quite simple. You can imagine an activity that can increase your flexibility and strengthen your muscles, relaxes you, center your thoughts, and calms you.


What is yoga?

Yoga is an old physical and spiritual discipline, and this particular branch of philosophy originated in India more than 5000 years ago. The meaning of the word yoga comes from the Sanskrit language word ‘Yuj,’ which has a simple meaning to yoke, unite, or join.

The definition of Iyengar school is to integrate or join all aspects of the mind and body of the individual with soul. This way, a person can achieve a balanced, happy, and useful life. Many people have their own stories of ‘how yoga changed my life,’ and its main aim is to reach ultimate freedom.

How yoga works?

There are different postures used in yoga that focus and concentrate on the specific parts of the body. Pranayama are different breathing techniques used to integrate the body with mind and mind with soul.

  • The body

Different postures or poses of yoga can help to condition your body. Yoga has thousands of poses that are known as Kriyas, Mudras, and Bandhas. Kriya’s focus is to move energy up and down our spine, whereas mudra is a gesture that holds energy and concentrates awareness. Bandha is a technique that is used to have muscular contractions to focus on awareness.

  • The mind

It teaches us to concentrate on specific parts of a body by focusing on the mind. Such awareness can help the mind and body connection keep sharp and doesn’t let a mind worry about the daily happenings of life. This focus is entirely internal, i.e., between the head and the body. The main idea is not to fight with our thoughts but to let these thoughts come and go through the visual imagery that helps you focus on how you feel your muscles.

  • The spirit

By merging our body, mind, and spirit, we can use controlled breathing, and this is how yoga works. These different breathing techniques are known as pranayamas, and it is believed that by controlling the breathing of pranayamas, we can maintain the flow of energy in our body. Many people have experienced that controlled breathing helps them focus on their muscles, calm their minds, and slow down the heart rate.

Bottom Line

Yoga is a 5000-year-old practice that has changed over time. Nowadays, it focuses on different poses and stretches designed to stimulate physical energy and inner peace. There are so many types of yoga, but it depends on what people want from it and the current fitness level of a person. For the majority of people, it has been helping to support a balanced and active lifestyle.

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